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Loloi II Loren

I have many, many items pinned in my Amazon lists for future projects. It might baffle some people the number of lists I have, but it keeps me organized and I am able to find items needed for specific projects.

One particular item that I had saved for years was the Loloi II Loren rug in Terracotta. I think I was originally looking for a rustic vase or pot when I stumbled up the rug, and I just knew I had to have it. The bright oranges were just rusty enough to blend with neutrals tones, and it had a rustic, faded look that I couldn't get enough of. At the time, I didn't need another rug, and the orange hews lashed with any projects I was currently working on. Until this master bathroom renovation came along, and I had a feeling it would work perfect with the spa like vibe that was starting to unfold during the design process.

This Loloi II rug from the Loren collection was so much better than I could have anticipated. The pile on this rug was flat, making it the perfect choice for a bathroom rug. With such a low pile, it dries fast and doesn't leave lint on bare feet. The rug is flush to the porcelain floors, avoiding tripping hazards.

Shop this rug or any of the other Loloi rugs now while they're on sale and supplies last!

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